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My COPD app

myCOPD app

Currently 1.2 million patients in the UK suffer from the breathing condition Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). But it is estimated that millions more have the condition but are not aware of it. In fact, 115,000 patients are newly-diagnosed every year.

Designed to support patients at any stage of the disease, the myCOPD app offers users training techniques for every type of inhaler, prescription assessment which identifies if an inhaler medication conflicts with what the patient has been subscribed and a self-management plan to help you understand what medication to take and when.

Free for those who meet the criteria and developed with the help of leading experts, the myCOPD app also features a six-week pulmonary rehabilitation programme, symptom and assessment tracking which allows clinicians and patients to track the condition over a period of time, weather and pollution forecasting - as poor air quality is known to have an adverse effect - and a facility to help patients monitor their lung function.

Dr Aidan Magrath said: “The myCOPD app has been developed with the assistance of healthcare providers and offers patients a one-stop-shop at the tip of their fingers. While the app has many innovative features, the main aim of it is to help improve a patient’s awareness and self-management skills.”

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